Pan American Ocean Racing ends with Brazilian victory

With great dispute between the nationalities present, the Brazilians took the best in the downwind. The event was held in Salvador, Bahia and marked the first edition of the competition.

The first edition of the Pan American Ocean Canoeing Championship was being held in Salvador, Bahia, the owners of the house made beautiful and finished first.With approximately 100 athletes competing in individual disputes and 40 athletes competing in pairs, the disputes between the 4 countries representing the Americas departed from Itapuã Lighthouse to Porto da Barra, passing by Farol da Barra, totaling 23 km.

The optimistic forecast of a lot of wind and waves over the weekend came true and was the icing on the event’s first event. The wind was around 30 km / h and waves of approximately 2 meters favored the use of the waves formed by the wind on the high seas. Among the nations that disputed the title were Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Saint Marteen, from the Caribbean.

A great favorite for being the anticipated Brazilian champion, Brazilian Navy athlete Luiz Wagner Pecoraro maintained his hegemony and became the great champion with a time of 1h35m10s, followed by José Marcos Mendes Filho and Alexandre Felipe do Nascimento Ferreira. In the women, the great champion was Rafaela Nascimento, who had also secured the early Brazilian title, followed by Carmen Lucia da Silva and Mariana Muriel Falconi. 

The Paracanoagem was also present in the same course and had as champion Uilian Ferreira Mendes, followed by Mario Ferreira de Queiroz and Daniel Bueno Dias.

In the doubles match, the Navy athletes Luiz Wagner Pecoraro and Luciano Ponce Judice secured the first place, followed by Alexandre Felipe do Nascimento Ferreira and Marllon da Silva Teixeira Pinto and completing the podium, in the feminine one more Brazilian Navy duo Rafaela Nascimento and Roberto Maehler went up to lift the champions trophies in pairs. Even the trophy offered by the organization to the winners was a big highlight at the event. Made of wood, it reflected the Surfski boat with a paddle and its sayings about the event.

By the end of the Pan American, which also added points to the 2019 Brazilian Championship of the modality excluding foreigners’ score, the Brazilian singles champions had already confirmed themselves, leaving only the doubles dispute open. The champions of the year were the duo Hiel Gesã Peres de Queiroz and Mayko Lucena Assipal. In the fierce annual team competition the Angra dos Reis Oceanic Canoeing Association – ACOAR, won the winning team with 5835.5 points, followed by Turma do Remo Association – ATR and Brasilia Caiakagem Association – ACKC.

Organized by the Vivá Gallery and ABASKI (Bahia Surfski Association) and supervised by CBCa – Brazilian Ocean Canoeing Confederation and COPAC – Pan American Ocean Canoeing Confederation, there were two days of competition with athletes from 15 to 65 years old, approximately 140. athletes competed in Salvador.