Summary of Ordinary Assembly and new Board of Directors of COPAC

It was held in Huacho on July 30, 2019, during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games the COPAC Ordinary Assembly. The event was attended by ICF Vice Presidents Mr. Thomas Konietzko and Dr. Cecilia Farias, also COPAC President of Honor, with COPAC’s board of directors and representatives of 22 National Federations.

In his speech the ICF Vice President Thomas Konietzko, who represented the ICF President José Perurena at the time, reported on ICF’s pride in the Americas, for the excellent quality events and the exceptional growth of the sport. It has pledged to further strengthen the countries of the continent as it recognizes the financial difficulty they have.

Shortly after Dr. Cecilia Farias, ICF Vice President and President of Honor of COPAC spoke, stating that her management plan at ICF is to benefit the overall development of our sport and also mentioned her points of interest: the technical development of officials and the gender equality. She asked the Federations to work on women’s development and integration.

The COPAC President Mr. João Tomasini Schwertner, informed the actions taken during his first 2 years in the management of COPAC. He highlighted the Canoe Slalom and Canoe Sprint Training Camps that took place respectively in 2018 and 2019. These training camps were sponsored by Panam Sports as part of the Camping Program designed to improve the level of sportsmanship towards the Pan American Lima Games 2019.

Some changes to the COPAC Statute were approved, such as the inclusion of the position of Chairman of the Athletes Committee in the COPAC board of directors and the addition of the new Article: COPAC Statement Regarding Prevention of Harassment and Sexual Abuse. Encouraged by Dr. Cecília Farias, the article states COPAC’s position on the athlete’s sexual abuse in the sport.

It was also voted and unanimously approved the COPAC Slalom Racing Competition Rules. Based on current ICF regulations and the IOC’s Universal Participation Policy for the Olympic Games, COPAC rules favor the participation of the largest number of Federations in finals. It declares that only 1 boat per National Federation can compete in finals. Also added to the Regulation was the specifications of the Canoe Slalom Extreme.

The new National Federations affiliated to COPAC Jamaica and Belize were welcomed.

Below you can find the new COPAC Board of Directors approved at the Assembly.

  • President – João Tomasini Schwertner (BRA) – elected by acclamation
  • General Secretary – Christian Moya León (CHI) – elected by acclamation
  • Treasurer – Othón H. Diaz Valenzuela (MEX) – 16 votes
  • Chairman Canoe Sprint – Charles Luckman (USA) – elected by acclamation
  • Chairman Canoe Slalom – Alex Ian Olguin Henriquez (CHI) – 18 votes
  • Chairman Canoe Polo – Miguel Arce (ARG) – elected by acclamation
  • Chairman Canoe Ocean Racing- Jefferson Camargo Sestaro (BRA) -elected by acclamation
  • Medical Committee – William Jurjus Yousef (BRA) – elected by acclamation

The representatives of the Athlete Committees were also voted and approved. All elected by acclamation.

  • Canoe Sprint – Sergio Johann (COL)
  • Canoe Slalom – Ana Sátila Vieira Vargas (BRA)
  • Paracanoe – Katherinne Wollermann (CHI)
  • Non-Olympic Disciplines – Diego Gago – Caiaque Polo (ARG)