New COPAC magazine seeks to bring the public closer to Canoeing on the continent

Released in four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, it contains news from National Federations, good projects, highlight for athletes and also talks about the release of the new Pan American Canoe Institute

The new COPAC Magazine was released by the Pan American Canoe Confederation (COPAC)with 54 pages, there are 12 reports plus three articles that show the history of characters from north to south, entities that build the Canoeing movement in the Americas. A great job done with great care to show good initiatives, the magazine will have quarterly frequency.

The main report gave space to the new Pan American Canoe Institute the IPCa, an institution dedicated to the training of professionals working in the sport and will offer training in four distinct areas fundamental to the promotion of the practice of Canoeing: Coaches; Referees; Canoe Managers and Classifiers, all offered in a distance education format and translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Currently, it already has 30 professionals and entities from different countries, not only in the Americas but also in other continents.

+ Access the magazine in all four languages here

The world champion athletes in 2019 also won a special report, in Sprint Canoe Isaquias Queiroz and Nevi Harrison, for Paracanoe Luis Carlos Cardoso and five canoeists in Freestyle, Dane Jackson, Clay Wright, Mason Hargove, Jordan Poffenberger and Rose Wall. Behind these achievements, the magazine sought to show a little of each person’s history.

There was also space to talk about three national federations, from Canada’s traditional CKC with more than 120 years of history and a number of historic medals in editions of the Olympic Games, but also from the FEDORECA of the Dominican Republic where it reaps the results of the legacy of the Pan American Games Santo Domingo 2003 and DCKA Dominica that does a great job in a small country in the Caribbean region.In addition to these and other reports, the magazine opened space for articles from projects developed in the continent, one of them talks about the Sarah Network from Brasil that has a rehabilitation and a Paracanoe center. From Canada, Dr. Don MacKenzine writes the trajectory of the successful project with Canoe and Breast Cancer. “Rememos Todos” came from Peru, an initiative developed at the Pontifical Catholic University at PUC-Peru that incorporates technology for the benefit of people who have some physical need.

“We did a lot in a short time, the magazine was created in just 20 days, a great job done by our new communication area at COPAC, many involved and passionate about Canoeing helped in this beautiful work. COPAC Magazine will bring together and show that we have many good examples across the continent and, by giving visibility to these actions, we can further strengthen the expansion of activities in the Americas ”, says João Tomasini Schwertner, president of COPAC.

The magazine is signed by journalist Fábio Canhete, new press officer at COPAC, it also has reports written by journalist Matheus Bez Batti. The layout and layout is by Clodoaldo Zafatosky, Fátima Fernandes was the coordinator of the magazine’s translation into the four languages. Mona Rodrigues, Cristobal Muñoz, Deisiane Fátima Oliveira, Mimie Mayembe and Pierre Ricard Médor were the translators.