National Federation of Uruguay took its first big step

The Canoe National Federation of Uruguay got a lending on Lake Calcagno and bets on sport growth.

The Uruguayan canoeing took a huge step to start developing a project that aims to enhance this discipline in the long term.

It is that the National Sports Secretariat (NSS) and the Uruguayan Canoe Federation (UCF) signed an agreement that enables the sports institution to use the land boundaries of Lake Calcagno in the city of Canelones, in principle, for two years.

“It’s an idea that we had some time ago and now the NSS has granted us this along with the Intendancy of Canelones. These are areas in which we are going to be able to design a long-term project to have top-level facilities, the track according to the competencies and a place for different training, “he told Ovación Sebastián Gómez, president of the UFC.

Fernando Cáceres, Director of the NSS, explained that “this agreement has to do with the promotion of areas and spaces that can serve as training centers and technification for different disciplines.”

This is a first step that has already been taken, but now, the UFC, in conjunction with the Intendance of Canelones and the NSS, plans to design the project to present it before the end of the year, collect funds and be able to carry it out.

“We have a lot of enthusiasm in being able to carry out this idea that would mean something very important not only for canoe but also for Uruguayan sport as a whole,” Gómez added.

The idea is that the project is done in stages and that you can start as soon as possible: “The desire is and is very ambitious for canoeing. We have many expectations and confidence that it can be a starting point to achieve important things. ”

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