Great disputes in Canoeing on the 2014 South American Games

Argentina and Brazil are the countries on the lead for winning the gold in the Sprint Canoe

The first day of competition, March 12th, gave space for men’s dispute on the 1000 meters. The Brazilian team was unbeatable in the Canoe events, winning all the gold medals, and the Argentinean team won in the Kayak competitions. On these two teams, the highlighted athletes are the Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz and Daniel Dal-Bo from Argentina; both of them already have won important titles for their countries and repeated in Santiago 2014. The Sprint Canoe event had all the eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) of the Games participating in the competition, which shows the development of the category. Closing the first day of events, the K4 competition had as result the team of Argentina with the first place, Brazilian team attained the silver medal and Venezuela kept the bronze. The host country, Chile, had 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals on the first day of the 2014 South American Games.

The second day of events, March 13th, opened the female race for the two gold medals (K1 and K2) on the 500 meters. On the first competition, the K1, Brazil climbed to the top of the podium and conquered the gold medal. The silver medal was for the Argentinean team and the bronze for the Colombian athlete. As for the second event of the day, the K2, it was the time for the Argentinean athletes to win the gold medal. Brazilian ranked in second place and Colombia was third.

The ranking of medals, outcome of the 2 days of all the events of Canoeing, is: Argentina leading with 4 gold and 1 silver medal, Brazil has 3 gold and 4 silver medals, and the host country, Chile has 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The last day of event will reserve a lot of good disputes on male and female on Kayak events. The races that will close the last day of competitions in 2014 South American Games / Canoeing will be: K1 Female, C1 Male, K1 Male, C1 Female and K2 Male – all of them in the 200 meters. We wish luck to all the athletes for this last medal dispute of the 2014 South American Games.

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