The Dominica Canoeing and Kayaking Association (Fedoreca), started an ambitious development and massification program, which seeks to integrate, for the current year 2019, the practice of kayaking and canoeing to 12 communities, (cities) of equal number of Provinces (states) in the country where there are lakes, dams and water facilities to practice these sports, including beaches. It is a large program in which we aspire to integrate more than 150 young people from educational centers between the ages of 13 to 21 years.

This was reported by the journalist Andres Osiris Tejeda Cessé, president of the organization, upon receiving an important donation from the International Canoe Federation, (ICF) and other equipment acquired with their own resources that will be used for the national kayak-canoe selection and initiation.

Tejeda Cessé, said that the donation includes boats from the prestigious NELO world brand, models K-1, C-1, in addition to K-2 and C-2, for development, learning and for Slalom this last one that will be inserted in Jarabacoa and other areas with mountain rivers.

The president of the Fedoreca, Andres Osiris Tejeda along with leaders and athletes receiving the donation of boats.

The camps are being developed in the facilities of Bonao and Sánchez Ramirez, will also be taken to Nagua, San Isidro Ecological Park, Sanchez, Samana, will also work in the area Valdesia de Azua, Peravia and San Jose de Ocoa headquarters of the XV Games National Sports 2020, among others.

Tejeda Cessé, announced the program of the January-April period where the national kayaking team will participate from March 14 to 20 in Argentina’s Copa América, while the canoeing will travel for 21 days to Paypa, Colombia to make a base of training with a view to the Pan American Games of Lima-Peru 2019.

For Lima 2019 the Canoe has secured two seats and is waiting for others, while kayak seeks to be present at the Pan American event.

In the national level, the National Independence Cup and the V San Ramirez Cup will be held with 120 athletes between the ages of 13 and 21, male and female.

From April 30 to May 5, the Second International Cup “Dr. José Joaquin Puello” will be held at the Bonao facilities, with the participation of athletes from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and the Dominican Republic.

Cessé said that the strengthening that La Fedoreca continues to demonstrate is part of the transparent, efficient work that international organizations recognize thanks to the support and support of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) and the Ministry of Sports.

Tejeda thanked the International Canoe Federation – ICF, the Pan American Canoe Federation – COPAC and the canoe federations of Europe for the support given to the Dominican Republic. The veteran leader said that there are still missing kayak boats to strengthen the project to have a regional development center for America, Central America and the Caribbean, installed here in the facilities of Bonao Kayak and Canoe, which served for the 2003 Pan American Games.