Cuba, Canoe Champion in Calima

By: Silvio Zamora

Cuba honoring its favoritism and ratifying the hegemony that has marked throughout the Central American history, celebrated the general title of the boating championship of the Central American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla 2018, conquering the last two gold medals that were played in Lake Calima El Darién, sub-county in Valle del Cauca, where nine countries competed.

The Antilleans who accumulated six gold medals of the nine that were awarded, also winning one silver and two bronze medals, were imposed on Thursday in the closing day in the Kayak-1, 200 meters through their stellar Fidel Vargas, 36 sec.399, who was hung two golds in the championship and Yurieni Guerra, 39,043, with the same conquests.

Mexico, owner of three gold medals, five silver medals and one bronze, occupied the second place, after finishing his participation with two second places in the last day in kayak-1, 200mts with Alberto Briones (37.236) and Brenda Gutiérrez ( 39,923). The Mexican delegation highlighted Osbaldo Fuentes and Javier López, as their top performance athletes with two golds each.

The two silver and three bronze medals achieved by Colombia, with Diexe Molina, Yerly Muñoz, Sergio David and Daniel Pacheco, placed them in third place in the classification, same position of Veracruz 2014, in Tuxpan, although on that occasion Colombians reached one gold. Cuba was first (eight golds) and Mexico second (three), repeating this time the podium four years ago in the Central American and Caribbean races.

Summary of gold medalists

Fidel Vargas, Cuba – K1 1000m

Fidel Vargas, Cuba – K1 200m

Javier López. Osbaldo Fuente, Mexico – K2 1000m

Javier Lopez, Mauricio Figueroa, Juan Rodriguez, Osbaldo Fuentes, Mexico – K4 500m

Fernando Jorge, Cuba – C1 1000m

Seguey Torres- Fernando Jorge, Cuba – C2 1000m

Yurieni Guerra, Cuba – K1 500m

Yurieni Guerra, Cuba, K1 200m

Karina Alanis- Marcela Montemayor, Mexico – K2 500m



1-CUBA                    6              1                 2                9

2-MEXICO              3              5                 1                9

3-COLOMBIA        0              2                 3                5

4-VENEZUELA     0              1                  2                4

5-REPUBLIC          0             0                  1                 1

6-PUERTO RICO   0             0                 1                 1