COPAC is proud to announce the Quota Distribution for Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom

COPAC is proud to announce the Quota Distribution for Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom.

COPAC is the authorized Continental Association to distribute the Quota positions for Canoe Slalom and Extreme Canoe Slalom for the Pan Am Games taking place 2-4, August 2019

The Pan Am Championships held in the city of Tres Coroas, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 20-21 April, 2019, was also the qualification race for NOC quota spots for the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru

At the Pan Am Championships/Pan Am Games qualification, in the individual events of Canoe Slalom, Women’s Kayak, Men’s Kayak, Women’s Canoe, Men’s Canoe competed to secure a single quota for each event for their NOC.

A new competition for the Pan American Games is Extreme Canoe Slalom. All athletes qualified for the Canoe Slalom, and athletes qualified for Extreme Slalom only, will be able to compete in the Time Trials in either MK1 or WK1. The best time in the Time Trial from each NOC will move on to the quarter final for both MK1 and WK1.

Extreme Canoe Slalom has been a Medal competition at the ICF World Cup and World Championship races since 2016. The competition in Lima will be a test for inclusion of Extreme Canoe Slalom into the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

NOC’s who did not have enough athletes competing at the Pan Am Qualification race but qualified a quota spot in Canoe Slalom or Extreme Canoe Slalom are able to double in another event. Please consider this when NOC’s enter their numerical entries.

NOC Qualified Double
CHI MK1 and WK1 MC1 and WC1-CSL

If there are any questions regarding the doubling of athletes for your NOC please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected] The competition for Canoe Slalom and Extreme Canoe Slalom at the 2019 Lima Pan Am Games begins 2 August with the Extreme Canoe Slalom Time Trials. 3 August will be the qualification runs for Canoe Slalom. 4 August will be the Semifinals and finals for both Canoe Slalom and Extreme Canoe Slalom, followed by the awards ceremony.