City of Três Coroas is hosting the 2018 Pan American and South American Canoe Slalom Championships

The city of Três Coroas, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil, is honored to host the 2018 Pan American and South American Canoe Slalom Championship, from October 19th to 21th, 2018. Official event of COPAC – Pan American Confederation of Canoe with organization of CBCa – Brazilian Canoe Confederation.

The preparations are being organized with much effort and dedication so that the event can happen splendidly. The city of Três Coroas and the local canoe ASTECA Club have been of much help in this process of planning and preparing the city.

Três Coroas has hosted major events in the 90’s, like 1996 Canoe Slalom World Cup Finals and 1997 Canoe Slalom World Championships. It also hosted the first Canoe Slalom Pan American Championships in 1995 with participation of legends as Cathy and David Hearn and others. The Laranjeiras Park (Parque das Laranjeiras) has one of the main courses of Canoe Slalom in the country. The ASTECA Club and the town are very excited to revive a major event.

The Championship seeks to reach the participation of most Pan and South American countries and as many athletes as possible. Therefore, there are no restrictions on entries. Juniors and Seniors will be competing.

For Traditional Canoe Slalom there will be disputes between qualifiers, semifinals and finals, according to the progression established by the ICF rules.

From Heats 1st run: 30 K1M, 20 K1W, 20 C1M and 10 C1W will progress to semifinals

For the semifinals, 10 more boats of each category will progress from Heats 2nd run. In semifinals 10 boats from each category qualify for the finals.

For Extreme Canoe Slalom, in the time trials up to 16 boats will classify for quarter of finals. In each race of 4 boats, 2 boats progress to next phases: semifinals and finals.

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