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Tomasini will lead Canoeing in Americas

 Brazilian was elected President of the Pan American Canoe Federation (COPAC) from 2017 until 2019


On the 14th of October, in Ibarra – Ecuador, happened the Pan American Canoe Federation’s (COPAC) Ordinary Assembly and Extraordinary Congress, an opportunity that the greatest sport authorities gathered to discuss the organization’s future.

During the Assembly, João Tomasini Schwertner, president of the Brazilian Canoe Confederation (CBCa in portuguese) was elected unanimously as the COPAC’s new President, and, by consequence a member of the Executive Committee on the International Canoe Federation (ICF) until 2019. Mister Dwight Corbin, from Canada, and Mr. Sergio Rafael Navarro, from Venezuela were chosen as the 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, respectively. The Canadian Andrea Water was elected as the Paracanoe Committee Director and Mr. Carlos Muslow Cavada, from Chile, was chosen as the Marathon Canoe Committee Director, all will stay in those positions until, 2021. Misses Martha Hernandes Sanchez, from Mexico and Mr. Vitor Ruiz, from Puerto Rico are now the continental representatives in the International Canoe Federation until the year 2019.

“Is with great pleasure and dedication that I assume the COPAC’s Presidency. I believe that in all these years in front of CBCa, and the important results the we conquered in and outside the water will help us to do a great work now in the continental scenery. We will work hard to continue to develop and improve canoeing in the continent, as how has been done all those years under the command of Cecilia Farias (elected as COPAC’s Honorary President)”, told Mr. Tomasini, that was in front of many South American, Pan American and World Organization Committees in his career. In 1994 he was elected a member of the International Canoe Federation’s (ICF) Board, in 1998 became the 2nd Vice-president of the entity, position he occupied until 2008. In 2010 Tomasini he was chosen as the South American Canoe Confederation’s (CoSurCa) President, as he will stay until the next year, and 3rd FIC’s Vice-president, a position that Tomasini held until 2014.

Executive Committee

President | João Tomasini Scwertner (BRA) | 2017-2019

1st Vice-President | Dwight Corbin (CAN) | 2017-2021

2nd Vice-President | Sergio Rafael Navarro Rovero (VEN) | 2017-2021

Secretary General | Sonia Rivera de Jesus (PUR) | 2015-2019

Treasure | André Luiz Behs (BRA) | 2015-2019


Honorary President – Mrs. Cecilia Liliana Farias MacDonald


Continental Representatives | 2017-2019

Martha Hernandez Sanchez (MEX)

Victor G. Ruiz (PUR)


Permanent Committees

Sprint Canoe Committee | Charles Luckman (USA) | 2015-2019

Slalom Canoe Committee | Erick Lokken (USA) | 2015-2019

Paracanoe Committee | Andrea Waters (CAN) | 2017-2019

Marathon Canoe Committee | Carlos Muslow Cavada (CHI) | 2017-2021


Diploma entregado a Cecilia Farías MacDonald

Durante la ultima reunión de Directorio de la FIC en Varsovia , Polonia ; El Sr. José Perurena López, Presidente de la Federación Internacional de Canoas entrego un premio otorgado por el Comité Olímpico Internacional a Cecilia Farías MacDonald , Presidente de Confederación Panamericana de Canoas. El mismo corresponde al Diploma“Mujer y Deporte”, obtenido gracias a su sobresaliente contribución en la promoción del desarrollo y participación de las mujeres y niñas en el deporte.


Board of Directors of COSURCA was unanimously re-elected

In view of the growth of Canoeing in South America in recent years the Executive Board of the South American Canoe Confederation was re-elected in Chile during the 2014 South American Games unanimously by the support and organization of sport on the continent.

The President João Tomasini Schwertner follows front the organization for more four years and highlights the work done by the board.

“The COSURCA had hard work in these years and shown has a Board eager to further develop canoeing in South America. We’ll continue working very hard on developing the sport on all countries of the region.”

The Board of the South American Canoe Confederation re-elected has as Vice President Mr. Miguel Angel Fernández Rincón, from Colombia, and as Secretary General Mr. Hugo Cabral of Argentina.  For the Canoe Sprint and Canoe Marathon Committees was re-elected Mr. Eduardo Ubal from Chile, for White Water Canoe (Canoe Slalom and Wildwater Canoeing) Mr. Adrian Rossi, Argentina, for the Arbitration Committee Mrs. Christina Lentino Vanicek, Brazil, for the Ocean Racing and Va’a Committees Mr. Robinson Román, Venezuela, and the Paracanoe Committee, Maiola Mr. Leonardo, of Brazil.

Great disputes in Canoeing on the 2014 South American Games

Argentina and Brazil are the countries on the lead for winning the gold in the Sprint Canoe

The competition on the canoeing began two days ago in Curuama, region of Valparaiso, and has as main leading teams Argentina and Brazil.

The first day of competition, March 12th, gave space for men’s dispute on the 1000 meters. The Brazilian team was unbeatable in the Canoe events, winning all the gold medals, and the Argentinean team won in the Kayak competitions. On these two teams, the highlighted athletes are the Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz and Daniel Dal-Bo from Argentina; both of them already have won important titles for their countries and repeated in Santiago 2014. The Sprint Canoe event had all the eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) of the Games participating in the competition, which shows the development of the category. Closing the first day of events, the K4 competition had as result the team of Argentina with the first place, Brazilian team attained the silver medal and Venezuela kept the bronze. The host country, Chile, had 2 silvers and 2 bronze medals on the first day of the 2014 South American Games.

The second day of events, March 13th, opened the female race for the two gold medals (K1 and K2) on the 500 meters. On the first competition, the K1, Brazil climbed to the top of the podium and conquered the gold medal. The silver medal was for the Argentinean team and the bronze for the Colombian athlete. As for the second event of the day, the K2, it was the time for the Argentinean athletes to win the gold medal. Brazilian ranked in second place and Colombia was third.

The ranking of medals, outcome of the 2 days of all the events of Canoeing, is: Argentina leading with 4 gold and 1 silver medal, Brazil has 3 gold and 4 silver medals, and the host country, Chile has 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

The last day of event will reserve a lot of good disputes on male and female on Kayak events. The races that will close the last day of competitions in 2014 South American Games / Canoeing will be: K1 Female, C1 Male, K1 Male, C1 Female and K2 Male – all of them in the 200 meters. We wish luck to all the athletes for this last medal dispute of the 2014 South American Games.

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2014 South American Games

Canoeing events began this Wednesday (12th) at Santiago, Chile.

The 2014 South American Games that occurs in Santiago, Chile, is being held from March 7th to 18th with many of the most important athletes of the region competing for the first place. It´s the 10th edition of the ODESUR South American Games, and the second time that Santiago hosts the event. The majority of sports being held are taking place around the National Stadium.

On the opening ceremony the President of the South American Sports Organization – Odesur, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, has publicly thanked the Chilean Government, the Chilean Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Games in 2014, for Santiago’s determination to hold the competition. “The Odesur recognizes the effort and commitment of Chile to host the South American Games after the earthquake in 2010, which unfortunately claimed so many victims. The story is more evident when we try to overcome the pain. This feeling that unites us here in Santiago magnifies the history of the sport in South America” he declared.

ODESUR is a multi-sport event and one of these sports is the canoeing (Canoe Sprint), competed from March 12th to 14th. This modality counts with competitors of many countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. It´s expected a total of 82 athletes in canoeing events, containing 59 men and 23 women. The competitions will take place at Laguna Curauma, area that is 1 hour from the capital Santiago. Many athletes that compete on this sport have already listed their names as the most important athletes on the world, that´s the case of the Ecuadorian César de Cesare, the Argentinean Daniel Alfredo Dal Bo and the Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz. On the last edition of the South American Games, 2010 in Colombia, Brazil was the country that in the global score won the gold medal on the specialty of canoeing.

The Brazilian World Champion medalist, Isaquias Querioz, revealed that he is looking forward to the Games and that his goal is always the gold medal. “We are working hard for this championship, is the first competition of the year, so it’s very important to do a good presentation”.

The opening for the canoeing events began on, Wednesday March 12th, with only male competitions in 1000m Canoe (C1 and C2) and Kayak (K1, K2 and K4). On Thursday March 13th, the  women’s began their competition in 500m with Kayak (K1 and K2). On Friday, the last day of event for canoeing sports, the competition is in male and female 200m. On the male event the modalities will be Canoe (C1) and Kayak (K1 and K2), as for the female it will happen on Canoe (C1) and Kayak (K1).

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En nombre de COPAC y la Federación Mexicana de  Canotaje  tengo el privilegio de invitar a las federaciones  de  canotaje de América  a asistir al Campeonato Panamericano de Canotaje de Velocidad  2014 y el Clasificatorio para Juegos Panamericanos de Canotaje de Velocidad 2015. Leer más…

Formulario de Participacion Festival Olimpico y Campeonato Panamericano De Canotaje De Velocidad Categoria Juvenil


La Confederación Panamericana de Canoas – COPAC , la Federación Mejicana de Canotaje, y la ciudad de Huachinango se complacen en invitar a su Federación a participar en el :

“Campeonato Panamericano de Slalom 2014 ” y ” Clasificatorio para los Juegos Panamericanos de 2015″

Lugar : Huachinango, Estado de Puebla, México.
Fecha: 11-13 julio de 2014.

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