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The COPAC Paracanoe Project was launched with great success in La Habana, Cuba, on February 15-16, 2016.

The Cuban Canoe Federation was the first one in receiving 2 paracanoeing boats donated to COPAC by NELO M.A.R. Kayak Lda. As planned, a seminar for Classifiers National Level was delivered by Ms. Andrea Waters and Maria de Fatima Fernande.

The second recipient of the Project will be the Colombian National Federation. The boat donation is in Bogota, the city where on February 26-28, 2016; the classifiers Leonardo Maiola and Maria de Fatima Fernandes will deliver the seminar which is awaited with expectation by a large group of enthusiatic professionals.

COPAC and the Uruguayan Canoe Federation work together towards the celebration of the 3rd course.

COPAC wishes that more Federations join the project in particular in what refers to the education of the classifiers. Gender equality and inclusion are the objectives towards which COPAC works in coordination with the Federations.

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Paracanoe gives opportunities for paddlers with physical disabilities to participate and compete at club, national and international level.

In order for ParaCanoeing to become an official sport in the 2016 Paralympics, participation must increase at the Canoe Sprint World Championships to 24 nations from three continents.

COPAC promotes and supports the participation of paracanoe athletes of both genders.

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Para Canoe a Success at 2014 Pan American Championships

Although Para canoe is relatively new to the Pan Am championships, the event was very successful with competitors from Mexico, Brazil and Chile. Unfortunately, funding and logistical problems with getting Para boats to Mexico caused some athletes to withdraw their entries. To ensure athletes would be able to compete at the Pan Am championships, COPAC had boats transported to the event from Canada.

Dr. Cecilia Farias MacDonald , President of COPAC was delighted with the event which gave  athletes an opportunity to compete at the International level.

Andrea Waters, Chairperson of the COPAC Para canoe Commission met with the team of classifiers from the Americas: Leonardo Maiola from Brazil and Merryl See Tai from Trinidad and Tobago. The team conducted on and off-water assessments as part of the Classification  process to ensure that athletes competed in the correct class. Based on ongoing research, the classification system will be changed and those changes will be introduced in 2015.

The challenges  for the athletes and the organizers are many but the smiles on the faces of the athletes make the effort worthwhile. The Commission is investigating ways to help Para athletes address some of their concerns.

Congratulations to all of the participants in the Pan Am Championships. Celebrate your success!

Good Luck as you prepare for Rio 2016.

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