Olympic Games

The 2012 Olympic Summer Games will be held in London, GBR in just a few short weeks!

London has hosted the games twice before, in 1908 and 1948.

This will mark the 20th anniversay of Canoe Slalom on the programme. Competitions will be held at the new Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Canoe Sprint will be held on the lake at Eton Dorney. London 2012 will host the debut  of the 200 m Canoe Sprint Competition.

Brazil Canoe Kayak Delegation

Ana Vieira Vargas Sátila, Athlete, Canoe Slalom
Erlon de Souza Silva, Athlete
Matias de Oliveira Ronilson, Athlete

Canada Canoe Kayak Delegation

Mike Granger, Team Leader, Coach

Laszlo Latorovszki, Coach
Fred Jobin, Coach
Scott Oldershaw, Coach
Michal Staniszewski, Coach

Mark Oldershaw, Athlete, Men’s C1 1000
Adam Van Koeverden, Athlete, Men’s K1 1000
Jason McCoombs, Athlete, Men’s C1 200
Ryan Cochrane, Athlete, Men’s K2 200
Hugues Fournel, Athlete, Men’s K2 200
Mark de Jonge, Men’s K1 200
Émilie Fournel, Athlete, Women’s K1 200 & 500
Michael Tayler, Athlete, Men’s K1, Canoe Slalom

Cuba Canoe Kayak Delegation

Evidio Gonzalez, Technical Director

Sergey Torres, Athlete, C2 1000
Jose Carlos Bulnes, Athlete, C1 1000
Jorge Garcia, Athlete, K2 1000
Darisleidys Amador, Athlete, K1 200 & 500
Yulitza Meneses, Athlete, K2 500

Ecuador Canoe Kayak Delegation

César de Cesare, Athlete, Men’s K1 200

Mexico Canoe Kayak Delegation

Jose Everardo Cristobal Quirino, Athlete, Men’s C1 1000

USA Canoe Kayak Delegation

William Irving, Team Leader
Gerald Babao, Other Duties (accreditation with NBC)
Stein Jorgensen, Coach
Rafal Smolen, Coach

Scott Parsons, Athlete, Canoe Slalom
Caroline Queen, Athlete, Canoe Slalom
Casey Eichfeld, Athlete, Canoe Slalom
Eric Hurd, Athlete, Canoe Slalom
Jeffrey Larimer, Athlete, Canoe Slalom
Carrie Johnson, Athlete
Tim Hornsby, Athlete

Visit London 2012 for more information about these events.


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