Tomasini will lead Canoeing in Americas

Brazilian was elected President of the Pan American Canoe Federation (COPAC) from 2017 until 2019

On the 14th of October, in Ibarra – Ecuador, happened the Pan American Canoe Federation’s (COPAC) Ordinary Assembly and Extraordinary Congress, an opportunity that the greatest sport authorities gathered to discuss the organization’s future.

During the Assembly, João Tomasini Schwertner, president of the Brazilian Canoe Confederation (CBCa in portuguese) was elected unanimously as the COPAC’s new President, and, by consequence a member of the Executive Committee on the International Canoe Federation (ICF) until 2019. Mister Dwight Corbin, from Canada, and Mr. Sergio Rafael Navarro, from Venezuela were chosen as the 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, respectively. The Canadian Andrea Water was elected as the Paracanoe Committee Director and Mr. Carlos Muslow Cavada, from Chile, was chosen as the Marathon Canoe Committee Director, all will stay in those positions until, 2021. Misses Martha Hernandes Sanchez, from Mexico and Mr. Vitor Ruiz, from Puerto Rico are now the continental representatives in the International Canoe Federation until the year 2019.

“Is with great pleasure and dedication that I assume the COPAC’s Presidency. I believe that in all these years in front of CBCa, and the important results the we conquered in and outside the water will help us to do a great work now in the continental scenery. We will work hard to continue to develop and improve canoeing in the continent, as how has been done all those years under the command of Cecilia Farias (elected as COPAC’s Honorary President)”, told Mr. Tomasini, that was in front of many South American, Pan American and World Organization Committees in his career. In 1994 he was elected a member of the International Canoe Federation’s (ICF) Board, in 1998 became the 2nd Vice-president of the entity, position he occupied until 2008. In 2010 Tomasini he was chosen as the South American Canoe Confederation’s (CoSurCa) President, as he will stay until the next year, and 3rd FIC’s Vice-president, a position that Tomasini held until 2014.

Executive Committee

President | João Tomasini Scwertner (BRA) | 2017-2019

1st Vice-President | Dwight Corbin (CAN) | 2017-2021

2nd Vice-President | Sergio Rafael Navarro Rovero (VEN) | 2017-2021

Secretary General | Sonia Rivera de Jesus (PUR) | 2015-2019

Treasure | André Luiz Behs (BRA) | 2015-2019


Honorary President – Mrs. Cecilia Liliana Farias MacDonald


Continental Representatives | 2017-2019

Martha Hernandez Sanchez (MEX)

Victor G. Ruiz (PUR)


Permanent Committees

Sprint Canoe Committee | Charles Luckman (USA) | 2015-2019

Slalom Canoe Committee | Erick Lokken (USA) | 2015-2019

Paracanoe Committee | Andrea Waters (CAN) | 2017-2019

Marathon Canoe Committee | Carlos Muslow Cavada (CHI) | 2017-2021