Lima 2019 – Brazil had the fastest kayaks in the Canoe Slalom Extreme rounds

Ana Sátila came first among women and Pedro Gonçalves among men. On the first day of Canoe Slalom competitions we had the C1 and K1 Men’s and Women’s qualifiers

The Cañete River rapids in the city of Lunahaná dawned agitated with the Canoe Slalom Extreme contests for the Lima Pan American Games 2019. Early in the morning there was a time-out of the athletes. Some countries like Mexico, Chile, Canada, Venezuela and Brazil had more than one canoeist in the category. In the morning there were the qualifiers, to know who was going to the next phase of the competition.

In the dispute for the places in the semifinals between men, Pedro Gonçalves (Brazil) was the fastest, “I feel honored, now it’s stage by stage, let’s go together from zero,” says the athlete. Matias Contreras (Argentina), Keenan Simpson (Canada) complete with Pedro the semi-final 1. Axel Fonseca (Costa Rica), Joshua Joseph (United States) and Eriberto Gutierres Robles (Peru) with semifinal 2.

Among the women Ana Sátila won easily and had alongside the Canadian Lois Betteridge and Ana Paula Fernandez (Paraguay) in the semifinal 1 match and Evy Leibfarth (United States), Maria Luz Cassini (Argentina) and Sofia Reinoso (Mexico). in the semifinal 2.

Equal time for the Brazilians

There was something unheard of in the category dispute, Pedro Gonçalves and Fábio Rodrigues from Brazil did the exact same time, 37.30 seconds. To know which athlete would pass to the next phase was used the tiebreaker according to the organization of the Pan American Games that evaluates the international ranking of athletes, in this case Pedro had a higher index than Fabio and ended up passing.