Learn all about the Pan American Canoe Slalom Championship

With the presence of more than 100 athletes from 12 countries the competition has the fight for places for the Lima Pan-American Games in August

Played annually, this year’s Pan-American Slalom Canoe Championship has a little more seasoning, the search for a place in the Lima Pan-American Games that takes place in August will spice up the competition. The event being held in Três Coroas – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil and has more than 100 athletes in the contest, from Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, United States and Venezuela. In three days of the competition, the first Friday (26) was for the time-outs of Slalom Cross, on Saturday (27) the qualifiers of C1 and K1 Men and Women and on Sunday (28) the dispute of the semifinals and finals.

The Brazilian athletes are in full swing from last weekend when they had the dispute of the National Selective that happened in the same place where will be the international championship. “I’m very focused and I’ve done a lot of training and I’ve also participated in the selective races. I’ve gotten warm here and I want to make good descents,” says Ana Satila, an athlete who will compete in three races: K1, C1 and Female Slalom Cross.

Pedro Gonçalves

Pedro Gonçalves says he did not want any time off: “We will not stop here, preparation for the Pan-American Championship is soaring,” he explains. Pepe will compete in the Men’s K1 and Slalom Cross. Fábio Rodrigues was the best placed athlete in the national team for Slalom Cross, now he wants to guarantee that Brazil will secure his place at the Pan American Games, “Now there are six quotas that we can have and not only four, I want to go to Pan too” he says. In this edition there was the inclusion of Slalom Cross in the calendar of Pan American of Lima.

The foreigners came strong for the competition, the delegation of Argentina has 16 athletes. Sebastian Rossi just arrived from France especially for the dispute, the Argentine liked the rapids of the Paranhana River. “The track is very good always, I’m really keen to start and I think it’s going to be a great race for everyone,” says Rossi.

Trials are being held in the categories: K1, C1 and Canoe Slalom Cross Male and Female, Mixed C2 and the team races of K1 and C1 also Female and Male.

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