COPAC is grateful for the messages of mourning for João Tomasini

Several people and entities sent their condolences to the family of João Tomasini Schwerter and also sympathizing with the family of canoeing

Countless expressions of affection and great recognition for the work and trajectory of João Tomasini Schwernter, president of the Pan American Canoe Confederation (COPAC) and president of the Brazilian Canoe Confederation (CBCa). João passed away on Sunday (17) due to the complications of COVID-19.

With a life dedicated to sport, Tomasini has always sought to elevate canoeing and sport in general with joint actions, he has always been a very active leader and today he is honored by several entities.

Managers, politicians and friends also spoke about Tomasini, his entire career, his love for the sport and his unique dedication in search of resources, alternatives, partnerships that will leave a great legacy for the sports sector in Brazil and the world, see some tributes sent by personalities who were part of the life of João Tomasini Schwertner.

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José Perurena, president of the International Canoe Federation (ICF)

“Over many years Joao has been a tireless worker driving the growth and development of canoeing, not just in the Pan American region, but throughout the world. Through Joao, canoeing in his region always had a strong voice at the ICF table. His passion for the sport was obvious to all, and the many hours he devoted to the sport will never be forgotten. He was also a valued friend of everyone in the canoeing family. His passing from this dreadful virus will be felt strongly throughout the paddling world.”

Thomas Konietzko, vice president of ICF and president of the German Canoe Federation

“Joao was the driving force behind the incredible growth of our sport in Brazil and Pan America. He will leave a gap that we will not be able to fill. He was also a friend you could count on and leaves a great legacy for our beloved sport. We will miss him. My thoughts are with his family.”

Simon Toulson, ICF Secretary General

“At the ICF we have been very fortunate to have strong leaders all over the world, and none have been stronger and worked harder than João. Joao not only worked to establish canoeing as a competitive sport in his region, he also worked to ensure its growth and development. The pride he took at the Rio Olympics in showcasing the sports he loved so passionately was clear for everyone to see. Joao was also an incredibly popular ICF board member. His views on all aspects of our sport were widely sought after and respected by his colleagues, who I am sure are all deeply feeling his loss today.”

Ivar Sisniega, general secretary of PANAM Sports

“We just found out about Joao’s passing. I am so sorry. It’s a tragedy. He was too young and with a lot of enthusiasm for the sport and for his life. So sad. He was a good man with a lot of love for his sport.”

Mário Moccia, vice president of PANAM Sports

“Very sad news Paulo! I am very sorry, he was a great friend! I send my condolences to his family and friends!!”

Camilo Perez, president of ODESUR

It’s a pity. Tomasini very dear friend !!! Great sports leader!!”

Nicole, member of the International Olympic Committee

“My condolences Paulo. This is very, very sad news. Tomasini was a great friend, of whom I will keep fond memories forever.”

Eduardo Álvarez, president of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee

“On behalf of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, its board of directors, we deeply feel the death of João Tomasini, invaluable leader of world canoeing, we extend our words of condolences to family and friends … peace to his remains.”

Chile Olympic Committee

“My dear friend receives our sincere condolences on behalf of the Chilean Olympic Committee and mine in particular for the loss of a great leader such as João Tomasini.”

Alberto Murray Neto, president of the IOC Ethics Committee

“My feelings to the family of President João Tomasini and to the Brazilian Canoe for his death, due to the coronavirus.

Gerardo Alberto Alvarez, president of the Nicaragua Canoe Federation

“On behalf of the President of the National Olympic Committee of Nicaragua, the athletes and myself the most profound condolences to the family of our João, to the American canoe, to the world and to his dear Brazilians. There are no words of comfort for such an unfortunate loss, only memory and affection. God always at your side, brother, friend and leader ”

Hugo Cabral, president of the Argentine Canoe Federation

“The entire Argentine Canoe Federation, laments and cries for a fundamental fighter of our sport for America. Our condolences to your family and CBCa ”

Pedro José Buendia, president of the Bolivian Canoe Federation

“In the name of all the members of our Bolivian Canoe Federation, we bond to the pain that your family feels, João, we can only give our deep pain for the loss of our dear president”.

Álvaro Torres, president of the Chilean Canoe Federation

“On behalf of our institution and our board, we express our condolences for the passing of our president, it is a enormous pain that the whole family of canoeing suffers today.”

Allan MacDonald, president of the Sint Maarten Canoe Federation

“João was indeed supportive of the open ocean paddling movement happening in Brazil and hoping for more countries to join the relative new sport in Latin America. We would like to express fellow feelings of sympathy to our Brazilian surf ski family.”

Sebastián Gomez, president of the Uruguayan Canoe Federation

“We have no words yet to talk about the loss of a friend and colleague from canoeing, we are bonding the pain of his family.”

Casey Wade – CEO of the Canadian Canoe Federation

“On behalf of Canoe Kayak Canada, our sincere condolences, may God have you”

Jorge Salvador Tavara, President of the Peruvian Canoe Federation

“We lament this terrible loss of our friend João, our sincere condolences to his family.”

Ana Hernandez, president of the Puerto Rican Canoe Federation

“The Puerto Rican Canoe Federation deeply express grief of the loss of this great human being who gave everything for our sport. Our sincere condolences to the João and the American Canoe family.”

Isaias Burbano Sánches, President of the Ecuadorian Canoe Federation

“All of us who are part of the Ecuadorian Canoe Federation extend our sincere condolences to João’s family and to everyone”.

Xiana Loaiza Pérez, CEO Costa Rican Kayak and Canoe Federation

“On behalf of the Costa Rican Kayak and Canoe Federation, we extend our condolences to the whole family of João, to Brazilian Canoe, America and all over the world. He raised a prayer for all of João’s family, peace and strength, a big hug with the habitual love.”

Andres Osiris Tejeda, president of the Dominican Rowing and Canoe Federation

“On behalf of the Dominican Rowing and Canoe Federation, our coaches and athletes, we express our deepest condolences for the passing of our president of the Pan American Canoe Confederation, COPAC, João Tomasini.”

Stay Strong “Rok”, American Canoe Association (ACA)

“My heart goes out to Joao’s family and friends in the time of sorrow. Also, on behalf of the American Canoe Association (ACA), our sincere condolences.”

Alejandro Hamze Ruiz, president of the Cuban Canoe Federation

“In the name of Cuban Canoe, we express our deepest condolences for the loss of our President COPAC, dear friend João Tomasini, may our condolences reach your family, the family of Brazilian Canoe, your COPAC colleagues, we are deeply sad, brother”.

John W. Alons, president of the Paraguayan Canoe Federation

“On behalf of the Paraguayan Canoe Federation, we send our deepest condolences for the departure of the life of our friend João Tomasini, president of the Pan American Canoe Confederation, Peace for his Soul and Christian Resignation for his Family.”

Elvin Penner, president of the Belize Canoeing Association

“Our deepest condolences to Joao’s family, friends and to COPAC for a great loss from The Belize Canoe Association.”

Paulo Wanderlei Teixeira, President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB)

“Say that it is a immense loss for Brazilian sport is redundancy. João Tomasini was one of the most loyal companions and friends I had in my career at the Olympic Committee in Brazil. Tough, tireless and, why not say, quarrelsome for the causes he defended, he was one of the great articulators of Law 14,073, which will bring an invaluable contribution to Brazilian Olympic sport. It is his great and valuable legacy.”

Hélio Meireles, Confederation of Modern Pentathlon in Brazil

“An invaluable loss for Olympic sport. We lost a warrior who always came forward to face the great challenges for the development of Olympic Sport.”

General Brasil, former Special Secretary for Sport in Brazil

“Big losses for Brazilian sport. I met Tomasini and it was an immediate empathy. I made sure to get to know the project with Itaipu. Truly grand. Before leaving the Secretariat, we tried to take canoeing to the indigenous communities. It was a dream that remained on paper.”

Karl Anders, president of CBGelo do Brasil

“Very sad news; my feelings to the Tomasini family and CBCa family ”

Rafael Westrupp, CBTenis of Brasil

“Deep sadness. May God welcome you with open arms and comfort your family.”

Ricardo Layser, former Minister of Sport of Brazil

“Brazilian sport owes a lot to some figures who dedicated themselves to Olympic and Paralympic sport, without these people, sport would not be the shadow of what it is today. One of these people is João Tomasini, taking on the management of a sport without any tradition in Brazil. Without resources, a very difficult time to work, Tomasini embraced canoeing and knew how to build a winning trajectory ”.

Flávio Cabral, president of CBW of Brasil

“What sad news. Big loss. May God comfort the family and welcome him”.

Silvio Acácio, president of CBJ of Brasil

“I have no doubt, a great dedicated and loyal friend.”

Former President of the Brazilian Archery Confederation

“A great friend. A great leader. My condolences and comfort to the family.”

Marco La Porta, vice president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee

“Very sad. A tireless, dedicated, hardworking person who placed canoeing above his personal life. An invaluable loss for the Brazilian Olympic Sport. It deserves all possible deferences and tributes. May he rest in peace.”

Luciene Rezente, President of the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation

“We lost a great fighter friend for the Olympic sport, what a sadness. Our feelings, that God comfort to all Family and friends. May he rest in peace.”

Alaor Azevedo, president of the Brazilian Table Tennis Confederation

“Go with God, friend Tomasini! A huge loss for Brazilian and World sport! Family feelings! ”

Luiz Carlos, president of CBKarate

“May God comfort your family and everyone in the Brazilian Olympic sport.”

Warlindo Carneiro da Silva Filho, President of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Athletics Confederation

“In this moment of sadness and pain, CBAt joins the other national confederations of the Brazilian Olympic movement to express our most sincere condolences to Tomasini’s family and friends.”

Carlos Nuzmann, former president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee

“I wanted to bring this very difficult moment, João was my companion for 25 years, we always had together and watched and applauded the growth of the Brazilian Canoe, the achievement of the Olympic medals and the great effort and the struggle that he had. Receive my deepest grief”.

Paulo Maciel, president of the Brazilian Club Committee

“It is an incalculable loss for canoeing and for the Brazilian Olympic Sport”

Ernesto Pitanga, president of CBTri

“Oh my. Very difficult. I became close to this friend. Difficult”

Durval Belen, president of the Brazilian Confederation of Shooting

“What a sadness! Very difficult to settle for this loss !!! You miss you already!!! However, it is precisely in those moments that our faith is put to the test! I believe in God, our Father and in his infinite love for each of his children. Tomasini is already in God’s loving arms! But it will be missed here, for sure it will! Extraordinary friend and sports manager !!! I wish God to comfort our friend’s family! ”

General Marco Aurélio, former Special Secretary for Sports in Brazil

“The Olympic Sport is in mourning … a sportsman, a leader, a friend… a sad loss. Receive my condolences … and a brotherly hug.”

Vicente Fernando Blumenschein, former president of CBTarco

“Goodbye friend. You left too early. You left an incredible legacy for canoeing and sport. May God welcome you and comfort the family.”

João Arruda, former federal deputy of Brazil

“National sport today lost a great leader, and I lost a friend. We made great partnerships for the development of canoeing. Goodbye.”

Alex Grael, mayor of the Brazilian city of Niterói

“Tomasini was a personal friend of my family, one of the most competent and enterprising sports managers in the country and a great partner of the Grael Project. Thanks to him, it was possible to structure our canoeing program at the institution. He did a work of popularization and interiorization of canoeing, which enabled the generation of Olympic medalists, such as Isaquias Queiroz. Sad loss for sport. Tomasini will always be remembered for his achievements for canoeing in the country. My solidarity and affection for family members.”

Flamengo Team

“The Clube de Regatas do Flamengo deeply lament the death of João Tomasini, president of CBCa. We wish family and friends great strength in this very difficult time ”.

Davidson Magalhães, Secretary of State for Labor, Employment and Income of the State of Bahia in Brazil

“It is with deep regret that I learned of the passing of the president of the Brazilian Canoe Confederation (CBCa), João Tomasini Schwertner, due to the complication of Covid-19. My solidarity with canoeing athletes, friends and family of João Tomasini Schwertner.”

Julio Cesar Ribeiro, federal deputy of Brazil

“Brazil loses a sports fighter who will leave a immense legacy in the fight for the segment”

Felipe Carreras, federal deputy of Brazil

“Brazilian Canoe loses today, a great name. João Tomasini was unfortunately another victim of COVID-19. João’s name will be marked in the history of sport and canoe in Brazil. My feelings to family and friends ”

Pedro Cuesta

“My feeling of condolences to Brazilian Canoe and to the family of João Tomasini.”

Jose Andres Roman Mangas

“My condolences for the death of João”

Javier Martínez Vesga

“My condolence for the family of João Tomasini, a big hug for everyone in this very hard time. A hug from Irun de Maite and Javier “Musku”

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