Brazilian Slalom Canoeing resumes training in Rio de Janeiro

FROM: Brazilian Canoeing

With the reopening of the Deodoro Radical Park and the Maria Lenk Training Center, six athletes will compose the team in the capital of Rio, there are new health rules that will be respected for the trainin

The National Permanent Canoe Slalom Team has already returned to Rio de Janeiro, there will be six athletes and two coaches for now, the return was guaranteed thanks to the favorable sanitary measures and also the reopening of the Maria Lenk Training Center of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Deodoro Radical Park, maintained by the City of Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian Canoe Confederation (CBCa) will guarantee all the hygiene material, lodging, food, and health insurance for the entire team.

The new normal started last Monday (20th) for canoeists, Ana Sátila, Omira Estácia, Mathieu Desnos, Felipe Borges, Pedro Gonçalves and Charles Corrêa in addition to the technical team Cassio Ramon Petry and Ricardo Taques. The training routine at the Deodoro Radical Park has already started, opened by the City of Rio de Janeiro last week, the canoeists have been able to give the first strokes.

“About a month ago, when they started talking about the real possibility of the spaces reopening, we started to train even more eagerly. And now getting here and being able to return is very good, we are following all the sanitary measures, after all training with a lot of security “, comments Ana Sátila.

In an agreement between the CBCa and the Secretariat of the Olympic Legacy of the City Hall of Rio, it was stipulated that athletes will have exclusive training schedules, as it is an individual sport and the athletes have their own equipment, the safety and distance conditions will be followed. The transport will be carried out with a private car between their house and the training places, meals will be made at home. All athletes and coaches will comply with the requirements stipulated by the health agencies of the city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the safety and prevention protocols of the COB and CBCa. “Being able to resume work with the company of the multidisciplinary team was what I had been waiting for four months”, comments canoeist Pedro Henrique Gonçalves.

The return to the Maria Lenk Sports Training Center will be gradual, the Canoe Slalom team will pass this Tuesday (21st) through the COVID-19 test, they will be monitored by the Brazilian Olympic Committee team.

“The implementation was put into practice with all the rigidity in relation to the equipment sanitation, social distance and shifts of occupations of the rooms. All the rules that have been established are being observed and we continue to improve these controls in the coming days to offer the best safety conditions for our athletes”, stated COB’s Sports Director, Jorge Bichara.

All athletes and the technical staff will have a health insurance paid by the Brazilian Canoe Confederation, the entity held several administrative meetings and consultations with the municipal bodies together with the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Legacy Secretariat and also with the COB technical area to assess the safety conditions for the training return.