Argentina hosts the 2017 Pan American Kayaking Polo Championship

From November 16 to 19 the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires hosted the 2017 Pan American Kayaking Polo Championship. The event was organized by the Argentine Federation of Canoes (FAC) and the Pan American Canoe Confederation (COPAC). The competition counted with a total of 74 athletes in two categories: the women’s category with four participating countries and the men’s category with five countries. Besides having the women’s and men’s senior teams, Argentina also had an entire team of young people under the age of 21 who competed against the seniors, since no other country brought a team in that category.

The brazilians were the champions in the men’s category, followed by the French Guiana team and the hosts from Argentina winning the third place. In the women’s category the USA won the gold medal, Canada got the silver and Argentina won the bronze medal.

This was an unprecedented event in the country and represents a great growth for the development of the sport in the region.

Pictures and information about the event

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