IPCa platform is now available and brings courses for the most diverse canoeing enthusiasts

Integration, knowledge, and technology for sport

The IPCa – Pan American Canoe Institute platform is now available and offers training in four key areas for promoting canoeing: Coaches; Referees; Canoeing Administration; and Paracanoe Classifiers all offered in a distance education format and available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. For those who register through the National Canoe Federations or SGE – Sports Management System the content will be available free of charge.

The project was created by the Pan American Canoe Confederation (COPAC) and seeks to encourage canoeing through the sharing of quality technical information. This is explained by the general coordinator of IPCa, Fátima Fernandes, “Our study methodology was designed to meet the needs of education at different levels for those interested in knowing and / or improving knowledge about the sport we love: Canoe”.

The access to the disciplines occurs through the e-learning platform, compatible both in the mobile and desktop format, requiring only broadband connection. In case of doubts about any content or activity, the user can send them to the chosen course coordinator directly by email: ipca@copaconline.com. All courses provide certification. There are modalities exclusively online (Level 1 and detached courses) and others that include distance education + face-to-face activities.

For athletes, there are three modules available: Clean Canoe – Anti-Doping;

Liability and Harassment; Canoe and Paracanoe History.

For the courses of Coaches, Referees (Canoe Slalom, Canoe Polo, Canoe Sprint, Canoe Marathon and Paracanoe), Canoeing Administration and Paracanoe Classifiers the modules mentioned above will be available, in addition to Canoe Basic Safety. Bases of the Human Movement will be made available only to classifiers and coaches. Specific contents will be available in two weeks.


The Project

Fátima explains that the first step of the project was to examine the sport across America. With the assistance of the Federations, the IPCa has promoted research where it analyzes and gathers scientific production in different regions of the continent, as well as the development of canoe at its different levels. The idea is to analyze and report good practices, in a technical way. A grassroots project with children developed in Foz do Iguaçu, in Brazil can serve as an object of study for a manual to be shared, via the internet, with a teacher who can execute it on the Rio Cañete, in Peru.

The project is embryonic but has long-term intentions. To promote scientific production, there are dialogues of partnership with higher education institutions for extension projects, from research to graduate programs aimed at canoeing.

“There is an immense challenge when we want the Institute to operate in an integrated manner with all the Americas. This is an embryo for strengthening canoeing on the continent. This will allow us to bring knowledge to areas that we do not have as much access to. We have many possibilities here” explains the IPCa Coordinator of Canoe Sprint and Canoe Marathon, Thiago Borges.


Let’s start!  https://ipca.bigmidia.com/