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Canoe Sprint – Canoe sprint takes place on a straight course divided in lanes, on calm water (read more…)

Canoe Slalom – Canoe Slalom is an Olympic sport that is held on rivers or on artificial white water courses (read more…)

Wildwater/Freestyle – Wildwater racing is extremely demanding. In this discipline, athletes race down a course of (read more…)

Marathon – Marathons are long distance races on rivers, lakes, estuaria or open sea. The course may include obstacles such as shallows, rocks and portages (read more…)

Canoe Polo – a competitive ball sport played on water, in a defined “field”, between two teams of five players, each in a kayak (read more…)

Para Canoe – Para Canoe gives opportunities for paddlers with physical disabilities to participate and compete at club, national, and international levels ( read more…)

Dragon Boat – Dragon boats are long, open canoes, paddled by 10-20 paddlers using single-bladed paddles (read more…)

Medical Committee

Canoe Polo is a competitive ball sport played on water between two teams of five players. The aim is to score into a goal, which is suspended above the water at each end of a rectangular ‘playing pitch’. These pitches can be on open water or they can even be on a swimming pool.

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