Classification Forms

Classification Forms

1.      Information to the federations about classification during the South American and Pan American Championships 2015 (to be finalized one month prior to event when federations have submitted entries).

2.      Sheet 1 –  Athlete Info and Consent

3.      Sheet 2 – Athlete Diagnosis Form

4.      Sheet 3 – Emergency Measures Form

5.      Sheet 4 – Dr. Certificate

6.      Equipment Passport: Each athlete needs to fill in and send the Equipment Passport to the Head of Classification to the following e-mail address at least 3 weeks before the competition. Once the Head of Classification have the passport the athletes are not allowed to change anything without informing the Head of Classification. The equipment we will be checked, both during classification, and as the athletes go through boat control on their way to the start of their race.

7. Requirements for the Classification Team for Paracanoe Athletes


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