Lima 2019 – Gold for Argentina and Canada in K4 events

On the second day of the competition there were two medal contests in the Men’s K4 500 and also in the Women’s. Cuba and Mexico also were on the podium

Argentina won the men’s best at the K4 500 meters and Canada the women’s, the races were played early in the morning (28) in Albufera Medio Mundo in the Huacho region by the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. With a time of 1:22.106 the quartet formed by the athletes Manuel Lascano, Juan Caceres, Ezequiel Di Giacomo and Gonzalo Carreras took the best place on the podium and return home with the gold medal.

The silver medal was won by Cuba, the canoeists Reinier Carrera, Reiner Mora, Robert Benitez and Fidel Vargas were close to gold, they arrived 0.933s behind the Argentine champions. The Mexicans secured the bronze medal, competing Javier Lopez, Mauricio Figueroa, Juan Rodriguez and Osbaldo Fuentes.

Tight dispute between women

In the Women’s 500 meter K4 race Canada had the fastest team, Andréanne Langlois, Alexa Kaien Irvin, Alanna Braylougheed and Anna Negulic rowing a lot and making the time of 1:34,316. The Mexican women threatened and nearly took the gold medal from the Canadians. The gap was small at 0.330s. Beatriz Briones, Karina Alanis, Brenda Gutierrez and Maricela Montemayor took the silver. The Argentine women took the bronze medal, competing Maria Garro, Micaela Maslein, Brenda Rojas and Sabrina Ameghino.

Qualifying and semifinals of the day

There were K1 Female 200m, K1 Male 200m and C1 Female 200m contests. The finals of these categories were held on the last day of Canoe Sprint competitions, on Tuesday 30th. The results of the classifieds can be checked at: