Lima 2019 – Argentina wins two more golds, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba also get the gold medal

Argentines reach their third gold medal at Canoe Sprint at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games in the disputes held on Monday (29) in Albufera Medio Mundo in the Huacho region for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games. Brazil and Cuba also win a gold medal.

Argentine men’s kayaks were the fastest, in the Men’s K1 1000 meters Augustin Vernice completed the race in 3:31.955s, the silver medal was secured by Canada with Marshall Hughes and the bronze for Brazil with Vagner Souta.

In the Men’s 1000 meters K2 race, Argentine duo Manuel Lascano and Augustin Vernice took home the third gold medal won at Canoe Sprint. Jarret Kenke and Jacob Steele from Canada came in second and took silver, the bronze went to Mexicans Osbaldo Fuentes and Maurício Figueroa.

For the 500-meter Women’s K1 race, Mexican Beatriz Briones has arrived first and took home the gold medal. Canada ranked second with Andréanne Langlois and third Ana Paula Vergutz from Brazil.

Canoes with gold from Brazil and Cuba

Isaquias Queiroz beat the Cuban Jorge Fernando in the Men’s C1 test 1000 meters, the difference between the two was 0.943 seconds. Isaquias with gold and Fernando with silver and Canadian Drew Hodges with bronze took the podium.

Among the women of the 500-meter C2, Cuban Mayvihanet Borges and Katherin Nuevo won the gold medal. Chilean Karen Roco and Maria Mailliard took the silver and Anne Lavoieparent sharing the canoe with Rowan Hardykavanagh took the bronze.

There were also the Women’s K2 500 meters qualifiers. The final was played on the 30th.