Brazil wins 15 medals at the Pan American Canoe Slalom Championship

There were 11 gold medals, three silver and one bronze. The event was attended by 12 countries and was held in Três Coroas / RS

Brazil obtained an important result in the Pan American Canoe Slalom Championship held in Três Coroas, Rio Grande do Sul. Were 15 podiums divided into 11 gold medals, three silver and one bronze. The most awarded athlete in the competition was Ana Sátila, she returns home with five gold medals, “I managed to put all my effort as an athlete, on a day when you have pressure on the water, the whole Brazilian team has shown an important performance” , she says. Her achievements were for the K1 and C1 Female Senior, K1 and C1 Female for Senior Teams and Extreme Canoe Slalom.

Mathieu Desnos was the fastest in the K1 Male Senior completing the course in 82.96 seconds without touching any gate, he shared the podium with Lucas Rossi from Argentina who finished 2nd and Canada’s Keenan Simpson with 3rd. “For me it is important because it was my first official competition for Brazil and inside Brazil. I had a claw in my heart to do my best, “says the French-born canoeist who asked for Brazilian nationality and now competes for the country.  

In the Extreme Canoe Slalom Male Senior category the gold medal also stayed in Brazil and who climbed on the podium was Fabio Rodrigues who did a great race. “I prepared enough for this category, I’m very happy with my result,” he says.

Who complete the list of gold medals were the canoeist Poliana Sofia in the conquest by the C1 Female Junior; Edmar Borba climbed twice at the highest point of the podium, one by the C1 Male Junior and also in the C1 Male Senior by teams alongside Felipe Borges and Leonardo Curcel. Another dispute in which Brazil secured the gold was in the test by teams of the K1 Male Senior with trio Pedro Gonçalves, Anderson Oliveira and Charles Corrêa.

There were also silver medal achievements with Lucas Louzada in the Male Junior K1, Maria Eduarda Schlikmann in the Female Junior K1, Charles Corrêa in the Male Junior C1 and also a bronze medal with Igor Siebel in the Male Junior Canoe Slalom Cross.

The event was held in Três Coroas, Rio Grande do Sul and was attended by more than 100 athletes in the contest, from several countries besides Brazil participated in Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the United States and Venezuela. In the final ranking Brazil, Argentina and Mexico were the countries that scored the most in the competition.

“It was an excellent event, and with the support of everyone the result is always a success. We were able to organize with the support of the Municipality of Três Coroas, ASTECA – Associação Três Coroense de Canoagem, the Brazilian Olympic Committee, COPAC and Panam Sports, with special support for the participation of foreign teams in the “Training Camp” which preceded the Championship, “says João Tomasini Schwertner, president of the Brazilian Canoe Confederation.

List of Brazil Medals


  • Mathieu Desnos – K1 Male Senior
  • Ana Sátila – K1 Female Senior
  • Ana Sátila – C1 Female Senior
  • Poliana Sofia – C1 Female Junior – Gold
  • Fábio Rodrigues – Extreme Canoe Slalom Male
  • Ana Sátila – Extreme Canoe Slalom Female
  • Pedro Gonçalves, Anderson Oliveira and Charles Corrêa – K1 Male Senior Teams
  • Ana Sátila, Omira Estacia and Marina Souza – K1 Female Teams
  • Ana Sátila, Omira Estacia and Marina Souza – C1 Female Teams
  • Edmar Borba, Felipe Borges and Leonardo Curcel – C1 Male Teams
  • Edmar Borba – C1 Male Junior


  • Lucas Louzada – K1 Male Junior
  • Maria Eduarda Schlikmann – K1 Female Junior
  • Charles Corrêa – C1 Male Senior


  • Igor Siebel – Extreme Canoe Slalom Male Junior

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