The Consejo Pan Am de Canoas was formed in 1991 in response to the growing interest in developing a central organization to govern the sport of canoeing in the Americas.

Now known as the Pan American Canoe Federation, we continue to meet bi-annually to work toward the progression of canoeing in the Americas and across the World. In doing so we promise to;

  • Make every possible effort to develop canoe and kayak activities on National and Pan American level with priority given to maintaining canoeing as an Olympic discipline and as part of the Pan American Games.
  • Ensure that Continental competitions are governed by Competition Rules adapted to the development of the sport of canoeing.
  • Encourage and safeguard the organization of Continental competitions open to all Pan American Canoe Federations.
  • Establish Continental Championships.
  • Co-operate with the Organizing Committee of Pan American and Regional Games.
  • Encourage the establishment of National Federations in countries where no such federation exists.
  • Encourage the development of recreational canoeing as a contribution to the healthy development of all ages.
  • Protect nature and pursue the rights of access for the sport of canoeing by adopting environmentally friendly practices within the sport and respecting other uses.

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